“If you believe you’re a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere. You don’t understand what the very word ‘citizenship’ means.”

Prime Minister Theresa May, Conservative Party Conference, 05 October 2016

This site takes inspiration for its name from the speech Prime Minister Theresa May gave at the 2016 Conservative Party Conference. She painted a vision of citizenship in a Britain, fractured by a close-run EU referendum, which we neither recognised nor welcomed.

The people behind this website are not experts in politics, or economics, or the inner workings of the EU. But, unlike Michael Gove, we do listen to and take note of experts. We also regard ourselves as citizens of the world, and are dismayed at how a misleading Leave campaign and a marginal result in the referendum have led to a resurgence of right-wing, insular, xenophobic politics, both in the UK and across the world.

This site is an attempt to stake a claim for progressive politics.

Note that we have absolutely no funding from any source.

“People in this country have had enough of experts”

Michael Gove MP, Vote Leave


The UK left the EU at 23:00 GMT onFriday 31 January 2020
As of 23:00 GMT on 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a third country with respect to the European Union.