Hall of Shame: David Davis (again)

Things are not going well here at CoN Towers at the moment. First we had to sack the tea maker for having secret meetings with various biscuit companies behind our backs. Then we sent the office manager to clear up that little misunderstanding with the Inland Revenue about all those offshore accounts we opened, and he somehow managed to get the HR Manager arrested and imprisoned. Which came as a surprise to the HR Manager – she was on holiday in Yugoslavia at the time. And we don’t even want to talk about why the security guard had to leave.

It’s distracting us from publishing all these Hall of Shame entries. Which is itself a shame, since we’ve got 58 of them all ready to go.

Well, 57 or 58.

Like I say, somewhere between 50 and 60 Hall of Shame articles, all in excruciating detail, and all completely ready to go. They’re definitely real. Our boss has seen and read them all, and thinks they’re really great. Well, she’s read the summaries at least.

Anyway, we’ve been told we should have published them all by last Tuesday. Which I’m personally not sure is a good idea, because I think it’s better not to reveal our hand. I mean, you can trust me that they’re really detailed, and very good, without having to read them yourself.

Anyway, it’s actually not the case that 58 complete Hall of Shame articles exist, more a sort of executive summary of the 58 articles. Which we now publish in full:







58 Varieties of Bus by Alexis Taylor

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