Hall of Shame: Theresa May


It’s been a few weeks since our last Hall of Shame. The reason for this is simple: after committing to a publication deadline, our management team realised they didn’t have a plan for what they wanted to achieve.

Now, we could have sat down and worked out a plan, and with the clock ticking down maybe that would have been sensible. But instead we decided to waste a few weeks having a vote on which person should be elected the next recipient of the Hall of Shame award.

In a result that shocked us all, the winner of that vote was not Theresa May.

So we’ve decided to ignore the result and give her the award anyway. This is how democracy works now, apparently.

The General Election was a fight Theresa May did not need to start. To be fair to her though, it was a fight she couldn’t possibly lose.

Except she did lose. Against the weak opposition of a Labour Party in disarray, she somehow contrived to shed enough MPs that she is now short of a majority in Parliament, and looking weaker than ever.

In a somewhat controversial move, she has turned to the Northern Irish DUP to prop up her claim to power. Mired in corruption scandals, and counting among its membership religious fundamentalists, anti-science cranks, anti-abortionists and all-round terrible, terrible human beings, the Conservative Party was founded in 1834.

In seeking to make a deal with the DUP to cement her position, Theresa May risks the fragile peace process in Ireland. It is a week since the election, and despite all the wasted time and money and negligent risks she has taken, she still has not managed to form a Government that can face the House of Commons. How can she expect us to trust her to reach a settlement with the 27 EU nations when she cannot even reach a settlement with a single party within the UK?

As for Brexit, the negotiations start on Monday 19th June. Theresa May and her Brexit Minister David Davis have decided simply to front it out. They didn’t get the answer they wanted in the election, so they’re going to pretend they never asked the question, and are going to crack on regardless with the original back-of-a-fag-packet plan. Never mind that there is no established Government for them to represent and no mandate for the Hard Brexit for which they are steering.

It’s going to be a disaster.


Banner image courtesy of Alexis Taylor

The UK left the EU at 23:00 GMT onFriday 31 January 2020
As of 23:00 GMT on 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a third country with respect to the European Union.